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Progressive AG Coop is proud to announce AgriLogic Crop Insurance Services to you our patrons. Progressive Ag Coop has added valuable agronomy and financial services to increase the value of your farming operation. Our newest venture is designed to save you, our customer, something that is possibly even more valuable: your time. By allowing Progressive Ag Coop to provide your crop insurance needs, you reduce the paper shuffle and the time you spend in multiple offices going over the same information. The Progressive Ag Coop Board and Management feel this will be a wonderful addition to our current services. Although the coop’s principle goal is to pay profits back to our members, we will not be able to prorate on the additional income from crop insurance premiums due to insurance laws prohibiting rebating. Instead, we will use these profits to build new infrastructure and invest in capital improvements. By working with you, we will find an insurance solution which protects your financial position. Visit with one of the five new licensed agents we have on staff to get a quote and realize the benefits of allowing Progressive Ag Coop and AgriLogic to become your crop insurance agency and continue doing business with the company you own.


Danville – 620.962.5238

Kent Domsch - Agent
Derek McCaslin - Agent
Michelle Bergman - Agent

Newport – 620.962.5294

Darrell Schulle - Agent


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