Progressive Ag Coop - Agronomy Department

Agronomy Overview:

Farming is a science.  It is evolving more all the time with good management decisions to produce top yields using the latest technology. Yield is based on selection of the right seed genetics and proper amount of fertilizer with the right crop protection products to grow the most bushels per acre.  At the Progressive Ag Coop Agronomy Department we are committed to partnering with our growers, focusing on fertility and herbicide programs to maximize production on every acre.  Progressive Ag Coop wants to be a trusted partner to complement your operation.

We have an experienced and knowledgeable staff and Certified Crop Agronomists that will assist you in making your management decisions related to fertilizer, crop protection choices plus seed and seed treatment options. Our Precision Ag Services are available to maximize yields on every acre.


  • Precision Ag Services:  We can design a precision program to fit your needs from grid sampling to VRT applications. Yield mapping and data management are available as well. 

  • Seed Solutions: Our seed lineup includes Hogemeyer, Kaufman, Midland, NexGen and PhytoGen. Bulk seed delivery is offered as an option for your convenience.

  • Fertilizer: We offer a wide range of fertilizer products that will fit most crop situations- Anhydrous Ammonia, Urea, 11-52-0, 18-46-0, MESZ (12-40-0-10S-1Z).  We can broadcast apply any dry program to fit your needs, or arrange for delivery to your farm.

  • Crop Protection:  Custom application and chemical program choices designed to fight against resistant weeds. In addition, some bulk herbicides are available as well.

  • AgOptic:  PAC now provides a scouting program that is done in-house, to help with weed, insect and disease issues that can contribute to yield loss.  Weekly to bi-weekly timed field checks are beneficial in controlling pests and keeping profitability up.


Progressive Ag Coop Agronomy – Precision Ag Services

We have the people, equipment and combined knowledge to bring you top notch Precision Ag programs that will make the most of every acre. 


Equipment: We have an air flow unit equipped for variable rate application of two macro nutrients and one micro nutrient box.  We also incorporate spinner- spreader units to apply lime VRT. 

People: Our Agronomy Team are all highly profiecient in identifying products and programs to fit your production needs. Custom application is another integral part of making sure the VRT application is done correctly by our knowlegeable applicators. 

Grid Sampling: Our Agronomy staff will pull samples based on a 2.5 acre grid pattern of your field. This will determine the pH of your soils as well nutrient level variability. The benefit of grid samples is take a closer look at field variability and to only apply the nutrients and lime where it is needed to a more balanced fertility program for your fields. 

Other Services: These include Yield Maps that serve as a valuable resource in making future farm plans to meet crop input needs in turn to maximize yield.  This leads to creating management zones for variable fertilizing and the potential to look at variable rate seeding.